Dr. Christine Hartzell

hartzell at umd.edu
Office: 3178 Marin Hall
Phone: 301-405-4647
Christine Hartzell joined the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Maryland as an assistant professor in February 2014. She completed her PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder, under the direction of Dan Scheeres. Her thesis research topic was electrostatic dust levitation above asteroids and the Moon. Prior to coming to UMD, she was a Keck Institute for Space Studies Postdoctoral Fellow at Caltech, where she studied granular mechanics. She completed her undergraduate work in Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech. Her CV can be found here.

Graduate Students

Dylan Carter

2nd Year MS Student
Dylan completed his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from UMD. His research focuses on tribocharging during impacts of dielectric grains of the same material. Most days, you can find Dylan sporting his astronaut cardigan hoodie.

Anthony DeCicco

1st Year PhD Student
Anthony completed his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. His research focuses on cohesion between aspherical grains and electrostatic dust lofting on asteroids. In his spare time, Anthony enjoys cooking desserts and playing jazz.

Tom Leps

1st Year PhD Student
Tom completed his B.S. in Math and Physics from Fort Lewis College, where he also worked as a lab manager. Tom is interested in modeling the plasma environment between a spacecraft and an asteroid. In his spare time, Tom reads Wikipedia and goes mountain biking.

Teddy Levine

1st Year MS Student
Teddy completed his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from UMD. His research focuses on celestial mechanics, specifically the dynamics of three self-gravitating spheres. You can find Teddy on campus launching rockets or at the climbing wall.